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The Songs of AFECC

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I. Lifelong Loyalty – The Song of AFECC 
The song is regarded as the Song of AFECC. It expresses the heartfelt love to AFECC of overall staff and their strong conviction to have one heart and one mind as well as going through thick and thin together with AFECC. The melody is beautiful and gradual, full of emotion. It is suitable to sing both in chorus and solo. 
II. Seize Today’s Opportunity – The Song of Training Team 
The song is especially composed for the overall members of the training team, who train the personnel to work abroad. Adopting the tune of March, the rhythm of the song is clear and powerful. The main content of the song is to encourage the personnel who are ready to work abroad to seize opportunity and try to realize their dreams. Meanwhile, it expresses that the personnel are promoted at all levels after strict training and ambitious to win glory for motherland with brilliant achievements. 
III. Hot Fire, Happy Song – The Song of IVATO Supermarket 
The song is composed for AFECC’s HOTIZON IVATO supermarket. IVATO is where the supermarket located. HORIZON IVATO is interpreted into Chinese as ‘Yi Wan Duo’, which means ‘Hundreds of Millions of Money’. The song compares the images of the sun, blue sky, the moon and clouds to the time difference, distance and relation between AFECC and Africa. It also describes the friendship between AFECC personnel and local employees. With lively rhythm, the melody sounds hot and passionate, full of strong appeal. 
IV. You Always Build Glory for Motherland – The Song for Foreign-aid Personnel 
The song is composed in praise of AFECC’s foreign-aid personnel, who work very hard in foreign countries, shouldering the trust of the motherland and the people, to win glory for motherland. 
V. My Heart with You, My Love with You – The Song for Golden Peacock Spa Resort 
The song is especially composed for Golden Peacock Spa Resort (Golden Peacock), a branch company of AFECC. In the song charming peacocks are a metaphor for love. It expresses the deep love of overall stuff to Golden Peacock and their hope to fly with the peacocks in the sky. With merry and smooth melody, the song is suitable to sing in both chorus and solo.  
VI. We are AFECC Mining Pioneer 
The song expresses the ambition of AFECC to march towards overseas mineral resources development and strive for scarce mineral resources for motherland in the process of enterprise transformation and upgrading.