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Anhui MOFCOM: Chinese Embassy in Australia Highly Praised AFECC
From:The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province   Published:2014-04-24   Hits3971

Chinese embassy in Australia sent letters respectively to the Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province and Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. (AFECC) and highly praised AFECC’s project team in Australia for their professional attitude, cooperation consciousness and dedication spirit present in construction of embassy project. 

The letter says that the A-1 project team led by manager Li Yuhuai is well-trained, united and cooperative. In the construction process of the new embassy building, facing the complexities of new technology, new material, new process and the like, they overcame many difficulties such as constant design variations, heavy tasks and the requirement for high quality, they not only completed the construction works on schedule, but positively undertook the maintenance and renovation of relevant facilities surrounding the embassy building. In addition, having assisted the embassy to set up “China Day” stage for successive three years, they are highly praised by Chinese embassy the diplomats in Australia. For this reason, we give our commendations to AFECC’s A-1 project team for their hard and quality work and extend out appreciations for their contributions to the diplomatic undertaking of China.