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Inventory of China’s Key Free-aid Projects to Africa   Published:2014-05-29   Hits5117


Tanzania-Zambia Railway


Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA), 1860 km of full length, is built in form of free-aid in 1970. China totally delivered various kinds of equipment and materials of approximately 1 million tons and dispatched about 50,000 technical personnel for TAZARA project. TAZARA is one of the largest free-aid turn-key projects undertaken by China. 
It is learned that TAZARA crosses some mountains, valleys, fiery rivers and dense virgin forests in Tanzania and Zambia. The soil in the foundations of some road beds, bridges and tunnels is mud and quicksand. Many places long the route are desolate and uninhabited with wild beasts freely roved up and down. With huge work quantities and complicated technologies, the construction condition is extremely hard. There are 320 bridges built along the route with a length of 16,520 meters, 22 tunnels with a length of 8,898meters, 93 stations and houses with a total area of 376,000 square meters. 


The exploration and design of TAZARA began in May 1968, officially commenced in October 1970 and fully completed and handed over in July 1976. Chinese government provided free-interest loan of RMB 988 million, delivered various kinds of equipment and materials of approximately 1 million tons and dispatched about 50,000 technical personnel for building TAZARA. Chinese worker on site at peak time reached 16,000 and 66 laid down their precious lives in TAZARA construction process. 
 Maputo International Airport 
Maputo International Airport Rehabilitation and Expansion Project is a key construction project in Mozambique. The project covers a new international terminal, an apron, a VIP lounge, a control tower as well as a passage, a car park and other auxiliary facilities.  The total investment for this project, US$75 million, is funded with Chinese governmental concessional loan.  The project is constructed by China Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd… After completion, the annual passenger capacity of Maputo International Airport is increased to over 600,000 from exiting 300,000.
Merowe Dam in Sudan
Merowe Dam is located at 350 km north to Khartoum, capital city of Sudan. It is the second large hydropower station on the mainstream of the Nile after Aswan Dam in Egypt, and the largest overseas hydropower project awarded and built by China. Merowe Dam is constructed by a consortium formed by China International Water & Electric Corporation (CWE) and Sinohydro Group Ltd... The total installed power of the 10 generating sets in the station reaches 1.25 million KW, twice more than current installed capacity, 600,000 KW, of overall country of Sudan. 
Mozambique National Stadium
With a land area of 270,000 square meters and 42,000 seats, Mozambique National Stadium is one of the largest free-aid projects by Chinese government. It was put into operation in April 2011.  
Constructed in form of free-aid by Chinese government, Mozambique National Stadium is located in suburb of Maputo with a land area of 270,000 square meters, floor area of 42,000 square meters and 42,000 seats. It is a comprehensive stadium with venues of international standard. 
The Senegal National Grand Theater
The Senegal National Grand Theater is an important China’s free-aid project to Senegal after China and Senegal resumed diplomatic relations in October 2005. The project cost is RMB 233.5 million and the construction duration is 27 months.