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The first Chinese-invested five-star hotel completed in Zambia, It will enhance Sino-Zambia relationship
From:Xinhua Net   Published:2012-11-19   Hits4107

 The first Chinese-invested five-star hotel completed in Zambia, it will enhance Sino-Zambia relationship 

Nov 19th 2012, Source: Xinhua Net
Xinhua Net, Lusaka Nov 17 (Reporter: Mu Dong): The completion and opening ceremony for of Sogecoa Golden Peacock Chain Hotel held on 17, It is the first Chinese-invested five-star hotel in Zambia. Former Zambia Mr. Kaunda, the minister of News, Radio and Tourism, Mr. Lubinda, Chinese ambassador in Zambia, Mr. Zhou Yuxiao as well as some others attended the ceremony.
Zhou Yuxiao says in his speech, Golden Peacock Hotel will play positive role in many aspects, such as further enhancing the relationship between Zambia and China, improving the infrastructure and promoting tourism development in Zambia and providing jobs for local people. 
Mr. Lubinda says the completion of Golden Peacock Hotel adds new highlights to the long history of Sino-Zambia friendship. He expresses his appreciations for the long-term help and support to the economic and social development of Zambia by the government and people of China. 
Sogecoa Golden Peacock (Zambia) is invested and constructed by AFECC. It has a construction area of approximately 15,000 square meters and totally146 guest rooms. 
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