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AFECC probes the Road of Sustainable Development
From:Business Journal Net   Published:2013-01-04   Hits5648

 AFECC probes the Road of Sustainable Development

Posted on 4th January, 2013
Source: Business Journal Net—International Business Journal
Author of This Article: Qing Geng
Launch Ceremony of “The Right to Sight” in Mozambique 
AFECC Executive Vice President, Ms. Tian Shiyue( second from right ) is on platform receiving “the China-Africa Friendship Award---Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa”
AFECC has been listed on ENR- The 225 Top International Contractors for successively four years and its international ranking ascended by 14 in 2012. At the night of November 22, AFECC is granted the prize at the award ceremony held by China International Contractors Association. AFECC, for its successful exploration, attracted extensive attention from all circles of society for another time. 
Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. (AFECC) is a large multi-operational enterprise. It is mainly engaged in overseas mineral resources development, international project contracting, real estate development, international trade, building material processing as well as chains operation of supermarket and tourist hotel.
Since establishment in 1992, AFECC has gone through 20 years of hard work and tenacious struggle. From ‘start with 8 shovels’ to on the list of ENR- The 225 Top International Contractors, from several narrow offices to 22 branches in five continents of the world, AFECC has been implementing the national strategy of ‘going out’ and vigorously developing foreign markets It has successively and successfully undertaken nearly 100 large-medium projects in around 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Caribbean and Oceania, including projects aided by China to foreign countries, Chinese overseas embassy buildings, Chinese overseas  Economic Office’s buildings, Chinese concessional loan projects and a host of international contracting projects. With diversified business, AFECC has achieved good economic and social benefits and realized its development from small and weak to big and strong. Since 2009, AFECC has won “National Civilized Unit “for three consecutive terms and listed on ENR- The 225 Top International Contractors’ for consecutive four years and its international ranking uplifted by 14 this year. In 2010 AFECC was selected as one of the ‘China-Africa Friendship Award---Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa’. It is not easy for AFECC to gain such magnificent achievements under the circumstance of international financial crisis and the severe external environment of international market. It is admirable for AFECC to make the painful efforts behind the stage. In addition, it is worth thinking about its successful practices in probing sustainable development. 
Give priority to credit and brand 
By always taking the assurance of quality, safety and completion period as an essential precondition of project construction for many years, AFECC places credit and brand at supreme position. Although international market environment is constantly changing and competition among enterprises is increasingly fierce, AFECC always keeps high standard and strict requirement, efficiently completed the construction of all projects. Hence it has won extensive acclaim of the rest of the world.
As far as we know the projects built by AFECC are all rated as Excellent Projects and many as Model Projects by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a long time. Remarkably, Madagascar Stadium Project is selected as the site for foreign-aid project quality promotion meeting by the Department of Foreign Assistance of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, New Office Building for Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mozambique is awarded ‘High-quality Prize for Overseas Complete Plant Projects’, Mozambique Conference Center and Madagascar Ampitabe-Vatomandry Road are mentioned in dispatches. 
AFECC’s success is from scientific management, which stresses efficiency and details, ‘being strict, dare, resolute’, ‘Three-in place’ and ‘four-ties’ are a conclusion of AFECC’s management experience of many years. The rule of ‘being strict, dare and resolute” requires management staff must manage to do the following: strict requirements and management, and no carelessness to any detail. Dare to think, dare to do, dare to challenge and seize opportunities, never let off any problem and mistake. ‘Three-in place’ means Proper technical disclosure, inspection and acceptance. That is, disclose plans or proposals before carrying out a work, supervise in process and inspect and accept upon completion. In addition, AFECC ties profits to project quality, completion period, cost and safety production, so as to strengthen the sense of responsibility, motivation and initiative of overall staff.
Size up the situation and transform successfully 
The continuous changes in international economic and political situation in recent years actuate AFECC to constantly adjust its development strategy and probe into the way of changing business development mode.
AFECC set off to explore and utilize the mineral resources in Africa since 2009 on the premise that its main business development is assured. So far,  through the cooperation with the governments of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Malawi, AFECC has carried out the exploration and mining of diamond, tantalite, copper, cobalt and gold. 
The diamond mining in Marange, south of Mutare of Zimbabwe is paid great attention since its beginning. With a local enterprise, AFECC set up a joint venture - Anjin Investment (Private) Limited, to jointly explore together. As China’s first overseas diamond resource development project, AFECC mobilizes all its domestic and foreign human, financial and material resources to increase investment to equipment and plant, enlarges production scale and strengthens personnel training. AFECC realized the virtuous circle from exploration, exploitation, mineral separation and marketing within more than two years. Kimberly process inspector, Belgium geologist Mr. Mark spoke highly of Anjin. ‘Anjin mining area is the best one in management worldwide I have ever seen. It has reached global advanced level in production scale, output, technique, equipment and many other aspects’. 
Be virtuous and conscientious, grateful and responsible 
Since its establishment, AFECC has been adhering to the concept of ‘Bing virtuous and conscientious, grateful and responsible’. For years, in the process of exploring international market, AFECC has been sticking to the principle of ‘providing employment platform, improving living standards and boosting economic development for local people’, and never takes making profit as its only purpose. By providing a number of jobs and Good and inexpensive Chinese commodities, AFECC uplifted the living quality of African people.  
In order to increase the employability of local people of stationed countries, AFECC uses Hefei AFECC Building and Golden Peacock Spa Resort as talent training bases and successively selected excellent local staff from Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and sent to China for trainings. After training, the foreign staff could basically understand and speak some simple Chinese language, proficiently grab professional service skills of hospitality. In addition, their management ability and comprehensive quality are also improved. They are perfectly adequate to their functions in hotel management when they go back to their own countries.
AFECC always positively parts in social and public welfare activities. Since 2010, AFECC has injected funds for 4 times to organize the charitable campaign of ‘The Right to Sight in Africa’ together with Beijing Tongren Hospital and Hainan Airlines Group, accomplished sight restoration surgeries for nearly one thousand cataract patients in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. This activity caused a great social influence in Africa and international community. The governments and people of the countries spoke highly of this activity, saying it brought blessing for them, made them feel the profound friendship of Chinese people to bring benefit for them.
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