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AFECC Moved Africa with True Love
From:International Online (Beijing)   Published:2013-10-15   Hits5026

 Sincere and true love makes Africa moved--On Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Limited

2011-10-13 Source: International Online (Beijing)

International Online (Reporter: Zhang Yun): There are a lot of Chinese companies on the vast land of Africa and they are widely praised by local people due to good company image. While Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Limited (AFECC) is a special one. What AFECC wins is not only praise and gratitude, but also deep love and the sense of responsibility to protect AFECC in the storm by local people. What makes African people love this Chinese company so much like their family? 
The first time when I heard of AFECC is at the end of 2010 at the ceremony for “China-Africa Friendship Award—the Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in African”.  As one of the only two awarded private enterprises at the ceremony, AFECC is not as reputable as state-owned large enterprises. But when I got to Africa, I truly felt AFECC enjoys great popularity from African people.  
Manu eli: ‘…They have been treating me very nice, no one moment bad, like their brother…’
Manu Eli is a long-served employee with Sogecoa (Mozambique) Ltd., a branch of AFECC in Mozambique. I was moved by his sincerity when he expressed his gratitude to Sogecoa with tears in his eyes. Manu Eli, 33 years old this year, is from Inhambane - a northern province in Mozambique. When he first came to capital city Maputo to make a fortune 12 years ago, he was a broke guy without any skill. He said that thanks to the blessing of God, he was recruited by Sogecoa. From then on he would not be willing to leave Sogecoa.
Mr. Zhang Daoyou is the manager of Manu Eli. They have worked together for nine years. Before Manuel is only a hod carrier. Mr. Zhang trained him to be a skillful bricklayer. 
During the 12 years working with Sogecoa, Manu Eli moved his home from a remote small town to the prosperous capital city, built his own house and got married. Now he is a father of three kids. AFECC has a lot of employees like Manu Eli serving in its branches in Africa countries, such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Madagascar. 
The greatest wish of Mr. Jiang Qingde, president of AFECC, is to improve the living of local people by giving jobs to them. For twenty years, he has been educating his Chinese stuff to treat black employees sincerely and nicely like brothers and giving them true love, so as to let them generate a strong sense of belonging and recognition to AFECC.
Jiang says, ‘I need to treat black friends as all-weather truly friends, face them fairly and impartially and love them as blood brothers. Doing business in Africa, what I think first is to provide jobs for local people, second is to keep breakeven of my investment, to make a profit is the last thing I think.  
‘To be just and equitable’ is Jiang’s principle of treating foreign employees, while he treats Chinese employees strictly and leniently to foreign employees. ‘Be strict with oneself be broad-minded toward others’ is AFECC’s philosophy of treating employees. 
Besides treating local staff with kindness, the more AFECC has done is paying out without caring for return. Since AFECC made its first step to do foreign-aid projects and undertook Madagascar Gymnasium Project in 1994, With own funds, AFECC has built roads, bridges, schools and orphanages in many of project-stationed countries, such as Zimbabwe, and Madagascar. Every year AFECC donates money, goods and food to such countries. Since last year, AFECC, joining hands with Beijing Tongren Hospital and Hainan Airlines Group, initiated the ‘China-Africa Brightness Campaign’ (Also named The Right to Sight in Africa) in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. AFECC funded intraocular lenses and nearly 1000 cataract sufferers are successfully performed sight restore surgery, which gains the heartfelt acclaim from local people. 
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