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Mozambique President appreciates the work aided by China
From:Xinhua Net   Published:2014-01-16   Hits4631

 The President of Mozambique appreciates the work aided by China

Jan 16th 2014, source: Xinhua Net


Xinhua Net, Jan. 16 (Reporter: Li Xiaopeng): The ground breaking ceremony for Chissano International Conference Center project, a land developing project in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, holds on 16 this month. Mozambique president, Armando Guebuza expresses his appreciations to China for aided works. 
Guebuza says Sino-Mozambique friendship has a long history. The two countries established a profound friendship since the beginning of Mozambique people fighting for state and national independence. During the years of lacking of water, electricity and food, the Chinese experts aiding Mozambique never made a complaint, they helped and guided Mozambique people under hard conditions of that time. Till now, Chinese experts still stay together with Mozambique people to participate in the reestablishment of the country’s economy and build a better home for Mozambique people.
‘In recent years, the cooperation between the governments of China and Mozambique keeps deepening, bilateral relation is continuously developing and the cooperation in various fields further enlarging’, said by the Chinese ambassador in Mozambique.
It is introduced this project is undertaken by Sogecoa (Mozambique) Ltd., a subsidiary of AFECC. 
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