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AFECC Has Won the Project of the World's Largest Monomer Zirconium Titanium Mine
From:ANHUI FOREIGN ECONOMIC CONSTRUCTION (GROUP) CO., L   Published:2014-11-13   Hits4653

On November 3rd, 2014 Afecc together with Yunnan Xinli Non-ferrous Metal Co. Ltd signed the mining contract and mining rights transferring formalities of Chibuto Zirconium Titanium Mine in Mozambique with the government of Mozambique after two year’s preparation and negotiation. According to the geological data mastered, this is the world’s largest monomer zirconium titanium mine currently known with the proven resources up to 2.672 billion tons.

It is known that zirconium titanium mine belongs to scarce resources. With the special metallic character, it is widely used for precision casting and advanced refractory materials, aerospace, medical and chemical fields, etc.

The zirconium titanium mine project we obtained locates in Chibuto of Gaza Province at the south part of Mozambique and it was explored and discovered in 1997. Not only the scale is very large, this mine also has high reserves and amazing high grade rough ore. As like the speeches of the minister of ministry of mine of Mozambique and the ambassador of Chinese embassy in Mozambique made on the contract signing ceremony, the development of this project will not only have the great significance for economic development of Mozambique, but also have the reality and long-term economic significance for alleviating the mineral resources shortage in China, even it has the decisive impact on world’s zirconium titanium mine industry.