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Groundbreaking ceremony is solemnly held for N6 Road Project in Mozambique
From:ANHUI FOREIGN ECONOMIC CONSTRUCTION (GROUP) CO., L   Published:2014-07-16   Hits5312

July 10, 2014 is a big day for Mozambique, and also a day worth celebrating and commemorating for AFECC, because the groundbreaking ceremony for N6 road rehabilitation project was held that day. N6 road is one of the three trunk roads most important in Mozambique and N6 road rehabilitation project is long-awaited by local people and AFECC, the contractor of the project.


It was a sunny day. The groundbreaking ceremony site was decorated with colored flags and reechoed with the sound of gongs and drums, all these created a heated atmosphere.  AFECC’s main leaders in Mozambique and staff in Beira as well as a large number of Mozambican people nearby, approximately 20, 000, gathered at the site in early morning. All AFECC staff, in red AFECC uniform and helmet, lining up orderly, together with local people, were greeting for the coming of President Guebuza. People on site were excited, jumping, cheering and performing a variety of local traditional folk dance to celebrate the great day. Under the reflection of blue sky and white clouds, four flags (including AFECC flag and Chinese national flag) were fluttering in breeze, indicating a successful commencement of N6 road project.


With the rumbling sound of aircraft wings and warm cheers, the aircraft for Mozambican President Guebuza and 6 escort aircrafts slowly landed at the wide and flat lawn apron. Wang Lipei, Commercial Counselor of Chinese embassy to Mozambique, AFECC CEO Wang Hao, Governor of Sofala Province, Minister of Construction, ANE Director and some others stepped forward to meet the President.


H.E.President Guebuza is presenting N6 road groundbreraking ceremony


Conselor Wang and CEO Wang Hao are waiting for the coming of H.E. President


H.E. President successively shook hands with commercial counselor of Chinese embassy to Mozambique, AFECC main leaders, main leaders from Mozambican government and the veterans to attend the ceremony. He waved hand to local masses and AFECC staff lining up on site. Following that, H.E. President, accompanied by Minister of Construction, Governor of Sofala Province, Counselor Wang Lipei, CEO Wang Hao and some others, got to Blessing Tree. He hosted a traditional pray ceremony and wished a good omen for the commencement of N6 road project.


Pray ceremony


After the pray ceremony, H.E. President, in expectation of everyone, unveiled the cornerstone of N6 road project and laid the first cornerstone with symbolic and monumental significance. Tens of thousands of spectators on site applauded for celebration and expressed their thanks to the President for bringing them good luck and good fortune.


Unveiling ceremony for groundbreaking


President laid the first cornerstone


Under the escort of Presidential guards and accompanied by the main leaders from China and Mozambique, H.E. President came to a huge exhibition board about N6 road project. He looked at the pictures and carefully listened to the detailed introduction by ANE Director. From the President’s pleasant facial expression we knew he was very satisfied with the construction program of N6 road project. He constantly nodded as commendation. Then, H.E. President, Governor of Sofala Province, Minister of Construction, ANE Director, Commercial Counselor Wang Lipei and AFECC CEO Wang Hao were invited to a platform. H.E. President delivered a warm speech. In the 20 minutes’ speech, he fully confirmed and highly praised the assistance given by Chinese government and AFECC to the construction of Mozambique. The ceremony was under warm atmosphere and more than 20,000 masses were deeply inspired by the President’s speech. Meanwhile, H.E. President wished AFECC complete N6 road so as to provide good service for improving traffic conditions and increasing the economy for the people along the road. He also wished AFECC develop further in Mozambique.