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Official Grand Opening of Beira Golden Peacock Resort Hotel in Mozambique
From:ANHUI FOREIGN ECONOMIC CONSTRUCTION (GROUP) CO., L   Published:2014-07-18   Hits5893

In the morning of July 13, 2014, AFECC held a grand opening ceremony for Golden Peacock Resort Hotel in Beira, the second largest economic center and important international port city in Mozambique. The hotel is self-funded and self-constructed by AFECC. Mozambique president Guebuza attended the ceremony. He unveiled and cut ribbon at the ceremony. 




July is golden fall in Mozambique, sunny and clear, mango flowers are in bud and ready to bloom. When morning fog is fading away at 8 o’clock, the unique view of the hotel is completely under the bright sun, giving a full expression of ‘Landmark Building’ in Beira, Mozambique. Chinese national flag, Mozambican national flag and AFECC flag are fluttering in breeze. We can see a rainbow gate at the entrance as well as welcoming banners and shop flags at the two sides of the road. The flags extend for several kilometers, manifesting AFECC’s confidence and ambition.


At 9 o’clock, Presidential motorcade was slowly driving into hotel entrance under guard escort. At the right side of the large flowerbed inside the hotel, Wang Lipei, commercial counselor of Chinese embassy to Mozambique, AFECC CEO Wang Hao and other AFECC management staff, had already lined up in rows waiting for President’s coming.  


After the President’s car stopped at Greeting Zone, President Guebuza, with traditional dress, walked to red carpet with the company of the Minister of Tourism, governor of Sofola Province and other Mozambican government officials at all levels. He waved hand with smile to the 300 personnel waiting there, and respectively shook hands with Wang Lipei, commercial counselor of Chinese embassy in Mozambique, AFECC CEO Wang Hao and other AFECC management staff at Mozambique Headquarters.


 Hotel hostess is presenting flowers to President


President Guebuza is shaking hands with Wang Lipei, commercial counselor of Chinese embassy to Mozambique 


 President Guebuza is shaking hands withAFECC CEO, Wang Hao


At around 9:10, President watched passionate Mozambican dance organized by the hotel. When seeing little children also participating in the performance, skillfully, joyfully and rhythmically, he laughed and cannot help clapping following rhythm.



After watching the dance, the President came to Aboriginal Pray Ceremony nearby. The ceremony was conducted by 11 marshals led by Beira chieftain. The President watched the ceremony and then joined in. Together with the other 11 marshals in ceremony uniform, Beira chieftain, bearing a scepter, hosted the Aboriginal Pray Ceremony. The ceremony lasted for up to 10 minutes. The whole process felt traditional and solemn. 




Then, guided by CEO Wang Hao and other leaders, the President stepped to Unveiling Place, at the right of main building door. When he gently unveiled the red silk cloth covered on a marble board, enthusiastic applause suddenly sounded. Some golden Portuguese words and a golden peacock pattern came into view. The words are, “President of the Republic of Mozambique, Guebuza, unveils for hotel opening on July 13, 2014”. Then, accompanied by Wang Lipei, commercial counselor of Chinese embassy to Mozambique and AFECC CEO Wang Hao, the President picked up a golden scissors and cut ribbon for the grand opening of the hotel. He wished Brira Golden Peacock Resort Hotel a prosperous business and best luck!



 President Guebuza unveils for the hotel



President Guebuza is cutting ribbon for grand opening of the hotel


After ribbon-cutting, the President, accompanied by CEO Wang Hao, stepped into hotel lobby. Wang Hao gave a brief introduction of hotel layout, such as reception, west restaurant and boutiques. Then, they took elevator to the conference center on third floor. The President carefully inspected the decoration and layout of the conference center and held up his thumb from time to time. When the President saw a wide variety of fitness equipment in the Gym, he constantly nodded and other Mozambican officials also watched with admiration. When the President got into the Casino on second floor, the Mozambican staffs were receiving business training by an expert from Sri Lanka. The President was very pleased and he enjoined Mozambican staffs to learn skills carefully. 



 Local staff are receiving training by the expert from Sri Lanka


Following, the President stepped onto Sightseeing Balcony at Casino building and took a bird seaview of the overall hotel. There he listened to a detailed introduction from CEO Wang Hao about the hotel project from commencement to villas development, VIP building, beach volleyball, swimming pool, rockery, wood jetty along seaside stretching several kilometers, golden beach, SPA, Chinese restaurant and so on. 



 CEO Wang Hao is introducing the hotel to President Guebuza


When seeing the salt marsh ever before has been changed to be a landmark five-star hotel through 13 months’ of hard work by China AFECC, the President said “good” again and again. He exclaimed with admiration that AFECC was great to erect such a magnificent landmark building in such a short time! It was not easy to build such a large resort hotel with complete functions! The hotel was a kind of blessing for Beira people and even for Mozambican people!


After the visit to Casino, the President cheerily went into Night Club, the brightest highlight of the hotel. Standing by the round table and enjoying the wonder music and magical light effects, the President smiled.


Following that, the President entered into Building C and visited Presidential Suite, family suite and other guestrooms. He expressed that the rooms in Beira Golden Peacock Hotel were larger than in all other hotels and the facilities were of first level and could be regarded as “Excellent”. He instructed the Minister of Tourism and governor of Sofala Province accompanied nearby to greatly support Beira Golden Peacock Hotel and help with promotion properly.


Before the visit to the hotel, President Guebuza took group photos in front of the lobby withWang Lipei, commercial counselor of Chinese embassy to Mozambique and AFECC CEO Wang Hao and other Chinese hotel management staff. He fully affirmed AFECC for its contributions to Mozambique and highly appraised its “High efficiency and top quality”. Meanwhile, President Guebuza set high expectations to AFECC. He expressed that the opening of the hotel would offer a good place for Maputo and Beira to hold government conference and provide, for Mozambique, especially for Beira, an employment platform.


At 19:00 o’clock that night, two largest Medias in Mozambique, TVM and STV, broadcasted the news that President Guebuza unveiled and cut ribbon in person for the official grand opening of Golden Peacock Hotel. The Minister of Tourism, in his speech, also highly commended the completion and official opening of Golden Peacock Hotel. 



President Guebuza, accompanied by CEO Wang Hao, is visiting Golden Peacock Resort Hotel



President Guebuza, together with commercial counselor Wang Lipei and AFECC CEO Wang Hao, is visiting Golden Peacock Resort Hotel