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 I. Enterprise spirit: loyal, harmonious, factualistic and innovative

Loyal: be devotional, honest and trustworthy to motherland and the people, to collective and career as well as to leaders and colleagues. It can be interpreted as: (1) AFECC is loyal to its staff. AFECC tries its best to create good opportunities for its staff to realize their personal value. (2) The staff are loyal to AFECC with one heart and one mind, courageously strive and unselfishly dedicate for AFECC development. (3) AFECC is loyal to the society. AFECC sincerely serves the society and creates value to return the society.
Harmonious: the employees work in harmony like family members, the leaders solidify and concentrate common efforts, the leaders and the employees unite as one and cooperate well, AFECC tallies with external environment and holds the aces. 
Factualistic: be practical and realistic with feet on the ground, work hard with perspiration and persistence, proceed from realities with steady steps, be an honest man, behave honestly and talk honestly. 
Innovative:  actively explore and constantly forge ahead towards new goals, do not adhere to old habits stand still and refuse to make progress, do not be satisfied with the achievement of one occasion, persevere in the innovations in goal, concept, organization, behavior and technology, so as to constantly create new glory. 
II. AFECC Vision:
Advance with the times, cast a hundred years of glory and gradually develop to be a world-class model enterprise favored by customers, praised by society and taken pride by staff. 
III. Basic principles in enterprise management 
(1) Take building construction and mineral resources development as principle business, implement business diversification and adopt integrated management. 
(2) Go out, develop in Africa and view the global.    
(3) Be honest and trustworthy, customer-oriented, virtuous with kind acts as well as conscientious and grateful.    
(4) Dare to be a paradigm pioneer, develop through innovation and win by speed. 
IV. Management philosophy
1. Strict, Dare, Resolute    
Strict: strict requirements, strict discipline, strict work style and strict management. 
Dare: dare to think, dare to talk, dare to do, dare to tackle tough works, dare to fight and dare to challenge.
Resolute: resolute to focus on main problems, resolute to rectify and resolute to concentrate efforts. Never let off any problem and mistake, and severely deal with or severely punish relevant people with such problem and mistake. 
2. Human-orientation and fair play, the capable promoted, the average 
AFECC always takes overall staff as the foundation and most valuable treasure. It values and respects every employee. In line with the principles of fairness and justice, AFECC established internal talent competition mechanism, which gives positions to those who have good virtues, capability and outstanding contributions. Under the mechanism, opportunities are given to those who want to work, promotions to those who are capable to work and positions to those who succeed in work. The survival of the fittest is the rule of the fair play. It motivates and gives play to every employee’s positivity, activeness and creativity.
3. To achieve greatness, one must begin from the triviality
Great things cover a multitude of trivialities and perfection covers a multitude of details. In other word, details breed mighty and trivialities generate success. Mistake always occurs from trivialities, the gap between good and bad lies on whether details are done properly. That’s why we say, crisis lurks behind trivialities and details determine success or failure. Therefore, AFECC emphasizes that if we want to accomplish great things, we must take a wider view and pay close attention to every triviality and detail, must never to be prone to extravagant fancies while with puny abilities and never to be restless and rash. We must be steadfast in behavior, work and management. We are not allowed to be reckless and perfunctory. We must combat saying words like: ‘more or less’, ‘seem to’, ‘or so’, ‘about’ and ‘seemingly’. We must try to create advantage with trivialities and accumulate efficiency with details. 
4. Do neatly and quickly, execute orders and prohibitions with strict enforcement 
In order to ensure AFECC to develop healthily and work smoothly, AFECC requires all its staff to execute orders and prohibitions with strict enforcement, fast as wind and rapid as thunder, keep strict disciplines and take concerted action, execute orders consciously and promptly.  
5. Attentively manage with heart and win in every battle
Nothing is impossible for a willing hear. This is the case particularly for enterprise management. He who doesn’t work with heart will never succeed, where there is a will, there is a way, just like a poem reading as: ‘After endless mountains and rivers that leave doubt whether there is a path out, suddenly one encounters the shade of a willow, bright flowers and a lovely village’. So we say, he who does attentively can do correctly, while he who does with heart can do better. Therefore, AFECC requires all staff to work with heart: One Heart with leaders, Warm Heart for career, Responsible Heart to AFECC, Full Heart to work, Careful Heart in handling affairs, Sincere Heart to treat others, Warm Heart to colleagues, Ambitious Heart in mind, Confident Heart to prospect, Humble Heart to criticism, Guilty Heart to mistake. If so, we will be invincible.   
6. Properly technical disclosure, inspection and acceptance 
That is: Before carrying out any works or dealing with any affairs, the relevant personnel in charge should carefully make plans and disclose such plans or proposals to the executive person, so as to identify the objectives, scope, requirements and methods of doing the work. In work process, in time supervise and inspect the implementation of such works, so as to find and settle any problems, ensure the realization of objectives and requirements. After the works are completed, carry out strict inspection in time to ensure the quality or effect in line with designed objectives and requirements. 
V. Quality, environment, occupational health and safety management principles
Taking good faith as principle to cast excellent works and giving priority to green to create good environment. 
Precaution all the time to safeguard all staff to be safe and healthy and advancing with the times to seek continuous promotion.