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I.   Company Name

II.Company Logo
AFECC’s logo consists of 3 solid red color blocks, 1 blue globe pattern and 5 English alphabets. The pattern of the red blocks, on the one hand, resembles the front elevation of Madagascar Gymnasium, AFECC’s first pioneer project. On the other hand, it resembles a flying roc spreading its wings. Meanwhile, it stands for 3 component parts of AFECC: the middle one symbolizes the core leadership and the other two on the two sides symbolizes AFECC’s worldwide subsidiary branches and project entities. AFECC (5 alphabets) is the abbreviation of company’s English name. The logo design is interpreted as: AFECC is sailing through wind and waves in the tide of market economy and heading toward the world. AFECC is flying with spreading wings to an ambitious goal and constantly striving to become stronger. 
III. Logo of Branches
1. Golden Peacock Spa Resort
This logo is comprised by an image of a spreading-tail peacock rounded by a red ring and three art words. The words Golden Peacock is short for the name of Golden Peacock Spa Resort. It is said that this is where the traditional Han Dynasty story Peacock Flying towards Southeast happened. Peacocks are known as poultry of art and the king of birds. The meaning of the logo is: the resort is just like a peacock flaunting feather in golden sunshine, noble and beautiful. With nine virtues incorporated, the peacock is spreading wings and flying to a brighter future.
(※ Nine virtues: 1. dignified appearance  2. clear voice   3. orderly steps   4. capitalizing on opportunity   5. balanced diet    6. content and ungreedy  7. loyal and never abandon  8. conscious of recognizing the way back. 9. mating in a polite manner.)
2. Horizon Ivato Supermarket
The logo is constructed by a red circle red, a white shape of Chinese character “人” , a green diamond shape and an abbreviation of “H.I.S”. The red part represents a rising sun in the sky. The green part, the earth. “H.I.S” is the abbreviation of French words: Horizon Ivato Supermarche (Horizon Ivato Supermarket). The logo means Horizon Ivato Supermarket is like a red rising sun. It is a wish for Horizon Ivato Supermarket to have prospering business. It also means Horizon Ivato holds all the aces.